Strava Club – Week ending 15/09/19

264 Running NI Strava club members clocked up a total of 3246 miles last week, making us one of the biggest strava clubs in the country.

3 people occupied 9 podium places on the Strava leaderboard this week.

Helena D cleaned up with the furthest total distance, longest total running time and highest distance climbed.

Carrickfergus ultra running legend Bobbie Irvine who won the ultimate Ultra 100k trail race at the weekend was runner up on the total time and climbing leaderboard and finished and 3rd for the total distance.

Joanne Foster finished runner up for total distance and 3rd in both total running time and distance climbed..

Well done Helena, Bobbie and Joanne on the Strava podium places and also to everyone else in our Strava club.

Have a look at our top 25 below. If you’d like to join our Strava club you can do so HERE

Strava Club top 25. Week ending 15-09-2019