Strava Club – Week ending 23/09/19

It was a big week for running in Northern Ireland. The Belfast half marathon was back for its largest event yet, with over 5000 runners taking part.

Coincidently our Strava club members clocked up over 5,000 miles, from 331 runners.

Helena D ran the furthest for the longest duration for the second week running – Pun Intended. She clocked up a respectable 92.2 Miles in 15:59:19 putting her at the top of both the distance and total running time leaderboards and finished second in the climbing leaderboard with a height of 4,383 ft .

Declan McGrellis finished top of the of the climbing leaderboard with 12,032 ft of elevation gain which puts him higher than the combined total elevation of all Thomas Cook flights for the forthcoming week.

Declan also finished runner up on the total running time leaderboard with a time combined running time of 10:35:08

Eoin Hughes Had a massive week, Finishing 2nd in both our distance leaderboard and more importantly, the Belfast Half Marathon.

He Completed the half marathon in a time of 1:08:30, narrowly missing out on a Guinness World Record in challenging weather conditions with his Dad, Tommy by 20 Seconds. We hope to see them back attempting it again, in more favourable conditions.

Tommy and Eoin Hughes – © Press Eye

Dave Andrews had a 3rd place double on the distance and total running Time leaderboards with a distance of 77.5 miles in 10:09:30, with Connaire McVeigh taking the remaing podium place for elevation gain with a total height of 3,841 ft.

Something which is not part of Strava’s leaderboards but we think should also be included is the fastest average pace. After all, its what wins races.

We don’t want everyone going out and busting themselves trying to run their recovery runs at 6 Minute miles for the sake of a Strava leaderboard. save the heroics for race days, this is just a bit of fun, not a competion.

The fastest average paced runner last week was Darrel Cooper. Averaging 6:39/mi over a respectable 42.4 miles.

Eoin had another second placed finish. He finished the week with an average pace of 6:40/mi although he covered a greater distance of 77.8 miles.

Finally, Tom Magee finished in 3rd place with a pace of 6:43/mi over 30.2 miles.

Running Northern Ireland Strava club. Fastest runners – Week ending 22-09-19

Well done everybody on a fantastic week of running !

Have a look below to see the top 25 for each category. If you would like to see the full leaderboards why not consider joining our Strava club HERE.

Top 25 Distance Leaderboard
Top 25 Average pace leaderboard